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Had the test last Tuesday. The DRE was fine, no evidence of cancer. I expect the results of the blood work will be in early this week. At the next appointment I'm going to do the blood work a week early so the results will be available for the exam.

Went to a reunion of Keys Art Service Employees last night out in Gilbert. The part was hosted by Cindy DeSanti White. It was very nice to see friends that I hadn't seen in quite some time. Keyes Art Service was quite a hub for quite a lot of folks back in the late 70's and 80's; great bunch of people that will truly be friends for life. I took Emily and Sarah as well and I thinik they had a good time playing with the Jack Rusell, swimming, shooting pool, throwing darts and in general annoying the otherwise kidfree adults. Cindy and Linda did a very fine job of throwing the part together. It was fun looking at the images of yesteryear when we were all so young and vivacious, living the life of Keyes Klones.

Today is Emily's birthday and at her request I gave her $50 and a card. We're having cheescake later today. Early last week we did some shopping at Old Navy and I supplement the birthday money she already had so she could get the jeans she wanted. She got some more clothes today so she had several new outfits. She's stylin'. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!

Here's the latest note sent out:

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the generic form letter but I have to get this update out to all of you who have been wondering about the results of my first blood test since the surgery. As you may or may not know any measurable PSA(prostate specific antigen) in the blood indicates the presence of prostate cells and if the prostate has been removed, as has mine, this would mean those cells are renegade cancer cells either left behind in the pelvic area or metastasized somewhere, usually in the bone. My results are: UNDETECTABLE PSA IN THE BLOOD. HAL LE LUJAH!

Next test: December 10th.

Thank you again everyone who was praying for me before, after and during. Until all of this came down I had never experienced that much prayer.

Also if you're interested in reading the journal, it's online at I encourage any and all to go ahead and register on the forum and post a few comments under any of the categories for any reason you wish.

Just a side note: Today is Mine and Janet's 22nd Wedding Anniversary.

Blessings, Stan

Ran into an old friend from highschool tonight at the grocery store. We caught up some and went over to his home for awhile. I will see him again Saturday night at a Central Cruise Reunion. Ken has restored a 41 Willlys (AA/G "Big John Mazmanian") He's going to park it under the Park Central sign at Earll and Central. He also has built a 32 Ford Roadster. Both cars are beautiful. I'll take some pictures Saturday.

Hooli and I went to the Cruise Central Reunion last night after burgers at Fuddruckers and took in the sites and sounds of yesteryear. There were lots of hot rods there at the Park Central Mall east parking lot, and lots of hot rods burning the rubber out on adjacent Central Avenue. There were crowds on either side of Central Avenue cheering and viewing the illegal parade of gas guzzling machines doing burn outs and all sorts of weird stuff. One small truck fell to the frame and shot sparks all over. One thing that bothered me was parents allowing their children to sit there curbside while these maniacs and their machines laid rubber in long stretches not more than ten feet away. I'm sure this even will become a non-event in the not-to-distant future. There were a lot of nice cars being shown. I introduced Hooli to Ken and he started the Big John Mazmanian AA/Gasser up for us. WOW! VERY LOUD!

2003-10-18 Some responses:

HI Stan, Good to hear from you. I'm glad the test results were negative. You've got plenty of family and friends who want to see you stick around. Also, congratulations on your 22nd wedding anniversary. Bravo! So few of us make it that far. Keep in Touch, Donna

That is great news! God has blessed you Stan. Congratulations to you both. 22 years? Wow time is surging by. We need to plan another get together soon.


What a great way to wake up in the morning!!!! Patty and I both rejoice with you all. We are relieved that you both will have many more years together. God Bless you all richly. -Randy & Patty

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! (on both your PSA results and your wedding anniversary!!!) This is GREAT NEWS!


Dear Stan,

PRAISE GOD!!! I have been praying for you since the party!

It was great seeing and talking to you. Your daughters are so cute. Lets keep in touch.


Yeah Stan!!! You looked handsome and healthy, and now your blood confirms that! Happy Anniversary to you and Janet! Hope all is harmonious and calm in KurthWorld. :-) I appreciate that you put me on your list to send your updates to. Keep me there. Maybe we can actually hike sometime in the future. Take care...hug the little Kurthlings for me. xoxoxoxoxoxo, Lynda

Happy Anniversary! You have a lot to celebrate, that is for sure. Congratulations. 22 years? WOW!!!! May the lord continue to bless you both. Cindy DeSanti White PS: It was great to see you again Stan, thanks for coming.

Stanley,    CONGRATULATIONS on your blood test!!!!  I am so thankful for God's power and He obviously has something very important for you to do in this life.  I hope life continues to get better and better for you and your family.  To you and Janet, CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding anniversary, also.  May God continue to bless the two of you and your relationship.

Blessings, Jan Leahy

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! I wish you nothing but the best!! (Jaimi)

Stan, what great news!!!!

  Happy anniversary to both you and Janet, you have much to celebrate on this one.


Great news! You are a good soul and deserve the blessings! Sande J

That is wonderful news my have a long time yet on this earth. I will definitely look at the journal. And Happy Anniversary. (Dana)

Hi Stan and Janet, Thanks for sharing the wonderful news, we are praising God! We are so glad you've kept us updated and are honored to pray. God is so good! Congratulations on your 22nd wedding anniversary, also, that's great! (Steve and I will be having our 20th next week, Oct. 15th!) Do you find yourselves asking where all the time went, it couldn't possibly be that many years already, like we are? SMILE! Sorry to not reply sooner, sometimes I don't check our Emails but once a week. Our kids have been busy catching up with schoolwork after some lengthy minor illnesses. Hoping and praying that you and your family are all doing well. Take care and God bless. Love in Christ, Mary & Steve

This is great news Stan!!! We do serve an awesome God...He obviously has plans for you still!!!

I'm so blessed to get this news!

Love in Jesus, Joy

PS: I'm sharing the news with Dave!


Just getting to my email today... praise God for His faithfulness!  Congrats on your anniversary.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you that I just had time to read your entire journal, and it is truly an inspiration to all! Glad to know that things have worked out successfully for you, just shows that good things do happen to good people!

I had to laugh at the repeated comments as to how horrible the coffee at the hospital was, I guess after nearly 17 years of working at St. Joseph's I've developed a "taste" (or perhaps a "lack of taste") for it, but it's a common complaint of employees and guests alike! I wish I had known you were staying here I could've saved you from the hospital coffee, I'm surprised that the nurses didn't clue you in, there's a Java Hut down on the first floor of the tower building which sells Starbucks coffee!!!

Take care, Tracy


Was good to hear your test results. Praise God again for the many wonderful things he does in our lives!

Christine and I decided to make it official last week. We had been dancing around when, how and where long enough. After a month of trying to make plans and just not finding exactly what we were looking for, we decided that we would just go to the Justice of the Peace and so we did. While most everyone who knew us, knew we were going to get married, we never did tell anyone until we had gotten married which we did on Friday.

So I guess that puts us 22 years and 2 days behind you and Janet? Looks like we'll always be trying to catch up :)

Hope all is well with the family. Are you back to hiking?

God's Best, Greg
Been awhile. I had been trying for some time to convince a coworker to go in for a prostate exam with Dr. Kletscher. He had been told over a year or so ago that there was evidence of tumor and his PSA was over 8. I couldn't believe that he had not been in for a biopsy yet, but for whatever reason he hadn't. He said that they kept rescheduling for some reason. Anyway I convinced him to make an appointment with Dr. Kletscher and on the initial exam and blood draw the results were not good. A biopsy was scheduled and took place last Friday the 24th. Results expected soon. One good note: the coworker was very pleased with Dr. Kletscher. I wish he would have gone to him sooner. I think he may have been waiting to see how everything played out for me. If all that I read is any indication, I think I may be the exception to the rule. No problems in surgery, two day hospital stay, staples out in a week, catheter out in two weeks, back to work in two and a half weeks, hiking again in three weeks and so on. He has even said he was encouraged by the way I handled it all. Problem is if he had waited too long, he may not be a good candidate for the radical prostatectomy. I don't understand how one could wait so long before taking action. I know he had major knee surgery, but come on, what's more important?

Arizona Hikers pulled off another epic hike and I tagged along. This one was the Superstition Ridge-line(organized by Colin, lead by Kent) and it surpasses the last epic at West Fork. Again I started in the dark and finished in the dark; a little over 12 hours of extremely rugged up and downs, boldering and scrambling. We started at the Carney Springs Trailhead and finished at the Flat Iron Trailhead. You can view some photos I took HERE. The photos are not really in chronological order due to single and double digit names and the last photo in the gallery is really at the beginning of the hike. This was a tough hike. I'm probably going to lose a toe nail and I became slightly dehydrated during the last half of the hike. As usual the group I was with was outstanding; nine men and one woman. You can find several great write-ups of this hike in the Trip Log forum at Arizona Hikers.

Included in this entry is a photo of my desk at EFM. I spend a lot of time there so I thought it might be fitting to show it.

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