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2003-11-16 Turned 54 on Saturday and spent a half day at CCV working on the prayer trail and middle retention area at the south end of the campus. Sarah went with me. After the work was done and most of the workers had left, Sarah and I decided to go on up to the top of the prayer hill and take a look around. Once on the top overlooking the new trail and the progress on the new worship center, all I can say is, "God is Awesome!" The work He is doing here is something to behold. The new building is beautiful.

I'm going to add a section soon to the web site that will allow those who wish to do so, a section to comment on the journal; a guestbook style form. I appreciate any feedback.

Other news is this: although it might appear that I'm quite open when it comes to sharing all the experiences of having had prostate cancer, believe me, there are some that I'm a little reluctant to write about. It was hard for me to make the decision to put a picture of me in an almost naked state immediately following the surgery. I did it for one reason: that it might add to the overall picture of radical prostatectomy. In all of my research I never saw one picture of a frontal post radical prostatectomy. It would have been helpful to me. I didn't even know that staples are now being used instead of stitches. It is also hard for me to talk sexual function or the lack thereof. I mentioned that both nerve bundles were spared, but that was it. OK, I'm going to say it now. That was a good thing and with a some help from LEVITRAŽ (VARDENAFIL HCI), a VIAGRA type medication, erectile dysfunction is not a problem. All that being said, I'm still debating taking the post RP frontal shot out of the journal. What do you think? should I take it out or leave it in?

2003-11-22 Got the guest book for the journal up and running. Check it out HERE.

Went out to Arizona State University and picked up Briana. Emmy and Sarah went with and we enjoyed a short visit with Briana and her roomate Kathy. On the way home we stopped and picked up all the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. Can't believe I spent $125.00. Too much of that was on girly razors!


IT was a very very nice Thanksgiving Day. Janet and I Got up around 7:30 and started the kitchen routine; cleaning up, getting out cooking stuff, chopping onions, etc., etc., etc. Last night Briana, Candice, Sarah and Emily all got involved preparing some of the items for today. They made yam pie, two apple pies and sliced and cleaned the green beans. I took a lot of pictures, so of course I'll put some up. We put the turkey in the oven at 9:30 and the thermal button popped up at 3:00. Those present were: Koko, Janet, Steve and Wendy, Billie Briana, Briana, Candice, Sarah and Emily. Our family tradition is to gather round the table before eating and make a statement about what we are thankful for, then pray and eat. The Food was excellent! Everyone contributed . After dinner I took a nap (a tradition for me, kick in by the triptofan in the turkey and extremely boring football game on TV). Great Day!

I'd like to take this time to say that I have very much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for life; all of life, including the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, wherever I'm at and whomever I'm with. In all of these various segments of the cycle of life I am in Christ and it is my purpose to live for Him and bring glory to the Kingdom of God. I'm not there in total, but I set my sites on the finish, the target.
2003-12-21 I've been experiencing a little pain in the region where I believe the prostate used to be. Maybe it's still part of the healing process, not sure, but the good news is the results of the second PSA test since the surgery came back this week and there is no detectable PSA! So again, I have much to be thankful for and I say this knowing full well that life is like a vapor; here for a short while, dissipates and is gone. I must use my time as it was purposed.

Christmas and work are keeping me busy. I'm trying to learn PHP and MySQL so I can at least paginate this journal and keep tweaking the web site and adding new features. I'm not the most adept of cranial beings and the learning curve seems to bulge right off the page, but I persevere with the upmost of confidence that some day a little of it might click and maybe even allow me to earn a few extra dollars doing something I have fun doing. I've been hiking on Saturday mornings; the H2 trail with Sarah and Emily. Janet told me she saw a back pack at Savers yesterday when she was in there, so I went and checked it out today. For $6.00 it was worth every penny. It is just a tad small for me, but will work fine for Candice and Sarah will grow into it. It's an older style external frame, but all ties, snaps, zippers and buckles are working fine and the fabric is all in good shape. Great find.

Went to Sarah's dance recital Thursday and took a lot of pictures. Sarah is very talented. I'm putting a ballet bar on her wall for Christmas. Got Emily an easel and acrylic paint set. Her early interests seem to be more toward the visual arts, although with some help from Janet she has started learning the recorder and now plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star quite well.

Went shopping today and I'm almost finished. Hopefully, I'll be done before Christmas Eve. I know I still haven't posted any pictures from Thanksgiving day, but I'm a little concerned about the size of the data base and the fact that the whole thing will continue to load until I implement pagination of some sort or another. Anyone having trouble loading the journal? Please send me an e-mail or mention it in the guest book. I appreciate getting feedback on all aspects of the journal. If anyone reading this knows PHP and feels really sorry for me...


Had a blessed Christmas. Christmas Eve Janet and I took all of the family to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had the Miso Salmon. Everything was excellent and we got an original cheescake to go. Attending were My mom, Steve, Wendi, Billie Briana, Julie, Paul, Jacob, Andrea, Briana, Candice, Sarah, Emily, Dawn and Phillip. After Dinner we came home and exchanged some gifts and opened the remaining Christmas morning. We're looking forward to the new year and taking a little much needed time off. I'll also be doing some hiking with the Arizona Hikers group.

You may have noticed I got the page results running, so now only ten or however many I designate entries will load at a time. A next or previous link will appear at the bottom of the last record.

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