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Had a peaceful New Years Eve at home after going over to Ron and Glendas for a couple of hours. We did the usual fire outside, roasted marshmellows and made smores. The dogs enjoyed us being out there. They get a little nervous from all of the firecrackers and such going off.

Hiked several South Mountain trails New Years day with group from Arizona Hikers. We had an excellent hike and lunch afterwords at Aunt Chiladas at the Pointe South Mountain. Pictures here: South Mountain Hike Photos

Last weekend Janet, Sarah, Emily, Andrea and I camped out in the White Tank Mountains just West of the Valley. The occasion was the first birthday of the web site There was camping, hiking, a pot-luck and lots of fire-side story telling. The weather was perfect and the company was excellent. I think everyone at the events had a good time. To see lots of pictures of activities go to Going hiking again this weekend up through Roger's Canyon in the Superstitions. There are some nice ruins there. I'll post some pics later.


Last Saturday I did the Rogers Canyon hike with a fine group from We examined some ancient dwellings of the Salado Native Americans. I was saddened to see the vandalism there. Some photographs I took can be found HERE and a description of the event HERE.

Sunday night I felt some slight irritation in my lower bowel. At first I thought it might be the result of trail-mix I had eaten on the hike the day before, but it turned out to be something else. I'm still not sure, but Monday on my way into work I was very uncomfortable and resorted to taking some strong medication. The pain persisted on into the evening and took some of the medication that they gave me in the hospital for pain after surgery. Tuesday the pain was bearable and I went on in to work, but when I got home it was still bugging me. I decided that I must have some sort of urinary tract infection, so my daughter gave me a prescription for such because she has these types of infections and keeps a prescription ready at the pharmacy. Anyway I started the antibiotics Tuesday night and kept up the pain medicine. I was up urinating almost on the hour throughout the night and was aware of the underlying pain. Called in work Wednesday and stayed home. One of the side effects of the pain medicine is constipation, which added to my misery. Anyway to make a long story short the antibiotics are starting to kick in and the pain is subsiding, but this morning it was still bothering me and I called in again. I fell asleep reading around 2PM and was awakened by a call from work. It was the office wanting to know about a job problem that I had no way of answering without being there and seeing it. What's worse is when I answered the phone out of my daytime sleep I had no idea of when what where or how. I must of sounded like an idiot.

2004-012-01 Yesterday morning I hiked two trails in the Hedgepeth Mountains in Thunderbird park: H2 and H3 in figure eight fashion. That's about 7 1/2 miles. I want to keep in training for an upcoming hike in Southern Arizona.

Wednesday I started in the new small group in my new capacity as assistant leader. I didn't do any kind of leading or assisting, but it was certainly nice to meet some new folks. I met Russ(leader of the small group) the previous Saturday at Denny's for breakfast. I must say that I like Russ and admire his teaching style. He is very encouraging in his method of teaching and instructing. Something I would do well to learn.

Today CCV opened the doors to the new worship center Saturday. We attended today and I was really impressed with the Service. God is Awesome!

I'm watching(sort of) the Super Bowl right now. I just can't seem to get very exited about it, although by all standards it's a pretty good game. I haven't really watched football all season. It's kind of amazing. If you would have told me 15 years ago that I would lose interest in football, I would have said you were crazy. But I don't know who's who anymore. Basketball is a different story.

Hopefully I can settle down and start eating a balanced diet and pay attention to portions. Everyone should forget about all this Atkins and carb stuff. You need carbs to live people. What does God refer to as food throughout the entire Bible? Give us this day our daily what? It's all about how much, in this order: Grains and Cereal, Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Dairy, Fat and Sweet. VERY SIMPLE! Eat to live, don't live to eat. I need to live by this.

Just found this on a forum site where I have posted a couple comments and a link to this journal. I'm sure Vance won't mind that I include it here: Shared Experience
2004-02-07 Went to the VNSA book sale today with Sarah and Emily. I ended up not buying too many books. I even put some back. The prices seem to have gone up and I just wasn't in a buying mood for some reason. Sarah and Emily made some good choices and I got a new Bible for Candice. We picked up Julie on the way home, got Janet at home, and then we all went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I had beans and greens with corn bread.

I played basketball with Derek(Candice's boyfriend), Mike and Derek's Dad Vergil for the first time in quite a few months Tuesday night. Mistake! In the first the first place we didn't start plallying until 10:00 PM and didn't finish until after midnight. I was so tired and sore the next morning I could hardly walk. All the pain in my knee is a reminder that 35 years of pounding the court has taken it's toll. I Think I'll stick to hiking. I guess I'm just going to have to face it: I'm getting older and not able to do all the things that I think I can.

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