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2004-02-22 Every year I set goals for myself to accomplish in that year. I call it, for some obvious or not so obvious reasons, "The Book of Lists." This year the goals are more ambitious than in previous years and require more detail planning(sub routines) and time management. I want to do a series of paintings on Arizona country that I have experienced. I also want to publish a book, learn a few new tricks, spice up my web site(which I consider an online ministry), do a few home improvements and plan some hikes and backpacks with family and friends. So I apologize if you are an avid reader of this journal and you haven't seen an entry for some time. I JEST! If you're an avid reader please sign the Guest Book now!

Next week I have my annual check-up and physical with my Doctor and on the 17th of March, a PSA draw and visit with the Urologist. I feel good.

Janet and I had the best Valentines Day ever! Just the two of us. We didn't have the traditional dinner with all the girls this year. Instead we had the evening to ourselves. What a blessing.

Didn't do the Rincon Peak hike on Saturday; just too many other things to be done here at home with family. I missed a good one from the looks of HikerInGilbert's photos posted on the site.

2004-02-29 Helped Todd move in to a much nicer place today near the Pointe Hilton at Tapatio Cliffs. Before leaving to help I met with some brothers in Christ at Denny's. Those present today at Denny's were: Terry, Russ, Dale, Dale's Dad, Dave and Ron. We discussed Jesus washing the Desciple's feet and the implications of it. At the end of the day Todd thanked me and asked me if I would like to do an overnighter in the Grand Canyon on the 20th if he could get the permits. Of course I said yes.

Had my annual physical at Medical Specialists with Doctor Dubnow on Thursday. Will get lab results back next week sometime.


Went to the Phoenix Suns Game last night with Son Steve, Daughters Sarah and Emily and thousands of CCV members and guests. Emily is pictured here with several of the Suns Dancers. Isn't she cute? The Suns spanked the Nets. After the game all the CCV folks gathered in the lower seats and listened to Suns Center Jake Voskel's Testimony to Jesus Christ in his life. We had a great time. It was good to get out and do something with Steve. I'm still recovering from the nose bleed though. :)

Got the results back from recent physical and all is well. Have the PSA draw on the 17th.

Hooli is picking me up at 7:30AM this Saturday and we are meeting others from the group at the First Water trail head. We will be doing the Black Mesa loop. Should be a great day. I'll put pictures up on my next post.


Emily and I attended Alison and Adam's wedding Friday night. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so was the bride. Emily took a lot of pictures and we both ate well and had a good time. Emily also put the table camera to good use, including a few photos of guests putting the forks to the mouth. Leave it to a child to capture reality.

Did the Black Mesa Loop hike with the group. Five of us sort of jumped out in the lead and we did a slight diversion on a horse trail down through a canyon to Boulder Creek. The rain the last couple of days before the hike rendered all of the major drainages a nice shade of aqua: running in most. It was a sight that is extremely rare in the Superstitions when the skies are not cloudy all day! Four Peaks were covered with snow.

The backpack down into the Grand Canyon is on! Thanks to Colin, who decided to do the hike down and up as a rim to rim day-hike instead of an overnighter and give four of us his overnight permit. I'm stoked! Thanks Colin!

2004-03-14 Worked in a Peoria Neighborhood yesterday with fellow small group and CCV members doing yardwork, repairs and cleaning on various homes. I'm very sore from shoveling crushed granite. It was certainly worth it all to see the look and feel the apprectiation of the lady who owned the home we did the most work at. It's how Jesus can make people smile. The woman even said it was a miracle and I suppose it was in the sense that the compeling love of Christ made it happen.

Today I was messing around on the server where this database and others are stored when I accidentally deleted the database where the home page, forum, gallery, portal and login were all kept. The last time I backed up that database was in mid October. Too much work involved in putting things back the way they were. So I'm starting over. Lesson learned. Oooops! I have a bunch of ideas for a new home page anyway with not as much emphasis on a forum.

Getting excited about the trek into the Grand Canyon next weekend. I'm going with Todd, Mike and John (Hooli). Trying to figure out how to get my pack weight down.

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