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Found a great site with some great support groups and information that is divided and organized according to the stage, level or particular type of treatment that prostate cancer patients and their families are enduring. There are some great folks here offering their expertise and encouragement. Here's the link:


Went camping and hiking last weekend with Arizona Hikers. Took Emily and Sarah along with so I ended up doing a milder hike that I thought they would be more comfortable with, the Inner Basin trail starting at Locket Meadow. We had a great time and had way too much to eat at the AZH potluck that night in the rain while hanging out with a wonderful group of Arizona Hikers.

Go in for a PSA blood draw on the 30th. I have no insurance now so it's going to be interesting to see what the urologist's office will bill for an office visit.

I've been thinking lately that some of the things I wrote in the journal early on might be misleading to a newly diagnosed PCa patient so I'm going to add some colored text that will indicate what I'm writing now has been added to the original entry.
2005-07-04 Went in and had PSA done on the 30th of June. I didn't see Dr. Kletcher because he had to perform an emergency procedure of some sort. Anyway I did find out how much my office visits are without insurance: $78 without urine sample, which I don't need to give since I have this done at my Primary Care Physician's office with regularity. The PSA itself is drawn by an employee of Sonora Labs and sent there. That charge is $110, so enough of that. I asked the PA for a prescription to have the PSA done elsewhere. I think I can beat that Price. My next appointment with the urologist is December 22 and I will take the results in with me. I also asked the PA if the DRE was a necessary procedure for someone 2 years out of RP surgery and <.01 PSA. He wasn't sure and said he would ask the Doctor later on that day in surgery. I have decided to post this question on the PR list on My thinking is, if there is anything to feel up there and it is cancer related, PSA would have revealed it far earlier. Will post my findings later.

2005-07-15 Latest results of PSA blood draw: <.01

Last weekend while I was painting I rose up from my table rather abruptly and became quite light headed, in fact thought I was going to pass out. I didn't, but that faint feeling left me a little quizical. The light headedness has not quite all gone away. I'm just slightly dizzy and think it might be sinus related. The arthritis in my neck has been very aggravating lately as well. I guess the good news is the PSA.

Last Sunday I played ball again (you can see how much the dizzyness effected me) for the the first time in over a year. Yes my knees hurt for two days afterword, but you know what, I'm going to keep on playing. That and hiking are the only sources of exercise I seem to be able to stick to. I can't go to a gym and use those stupid machines or weights. Oh well! Had a good time playing with a bunch of guys whose average age is somewhere under 20. I love it!


Good good news - Janet quit smoking last friday. Can't say how thankful I am that she did.

Recently met a Pastor from a small church in Rustburg Virginia. His name is Scott Childress and I met him on After discovering that I was an artist he revealed that he had a need to fill at his church regarding art. That need is for some artwork to hang on the walls of a new coffee house that will have a contemporary and youthful appeal, ie, art on the walls and such. I have agreed to do five paintings for him. I will send more than that and let him choose. He will pick out the five he feels are best and get them framed. They will be for sale, but more than sales, it is my prayer that the art would engage some conversation about the Gospel of Jesus and would be glorifying to Him, that hearts would be stirred and move in the direction of the light of Christ, that these paintings would create new doorways to the truth.

Leaving tomorrow to do the third annual WFW with Arizona Hikers. This hike is mentioned a couple of times in this journal. It is rigorous to say the least, but great fun. I'm really excited to do it again.

I've been tracking my diet (everything I eat) on My Tracker at This is an excellent tool for those who are serious about tracking their eating habbits and diet (everything they eat). Check it out for yourself. MY PYRAMID
2005-08-09 Completed the third annual WFW hike on Saturday. Had a great time with a bunch of fellow hikers and support crew. I'm still sore today, especially my triceps and calves. The feast and campfire after the hike were lots of fun as was breakfast at the "Place" in Flagstaff the next morning.


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