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Told Todd today. Todd is truly my friend and I was very glad to hear that he had some questions about Jesus to ask me when we go hiking this weekend with the Arizona Hikers Group; a trek into Secret Canyon. Should be fun! Todd also told me that he had an Arizona Hikers license plate frame for me. Very Cool!


Hiked Secret Canyon in Sedona Area Saturday with the Arizona Hikers Group which included: Todd, John (Hooli), Kevin, Mike, Randy, Steven, Patty, Krystin, Alexis, Jaimee, Jared, Danail, John, Susan, Christiana and Sharon. Told Hooli. Will tell Mike and Randy some time in the near future.

Dan called Max at work and Max told him. Max said that he didn't act surprised, but when Dan left EFM he knew that I was going in for a biopsy.

Tonight told everyone in the small group. Jean gave me the name of a friend who has gone through the process of making life decisions that I will be going to make as well. I will probably give him a call some time here in the future. Asked the group for prayer, specificly in the area of wisdom and discernment for the many areas of choices to be made.

Started doing research this weekend. There is a lot of information out there. Just have to weed through and determine what is good and what is not.

The questions Todd asked me about Jesus had to do with Jesus ascending into heaven and if his father(Joseph) was present at the crucifixion.

2003-05-06 Doing research. Lots of information out there on the web. Starting to see some patterns of concensus amongst papers and articles. Bottom line is I would like to be cured. Everybody and their brother is going to be giving me their advice. Ultimately these decisions are mine and I like the challenge.

Doctor appt. Friday at 7:30 in the morning with Kletscher to discuss my options. Will want to have questions ready.

2003-05-07 Doing lots of research tonight, will relate in these pages later. For now I'm trying to formulate the right questions for determining my best option. Right now I'm leaning towards the radical prostatectomy.

Some of the sites where I've been:


Consulted with Doctor Kletscher this morning. Janet was present and taking notes as I asked the questions. First the Doctor went over the meaning of the numbers attached to the biopsy. Stuff I already knew. In fact most of the things he had to say, I already knew and indeed I already knew what treatment I was going to get. I'm a good candidate for the nerve sparing radical prepubic prostatectomy. Also going to get pelvic lymphadectomy. Asked questions concerning surgery success ratios and number of surgeries performed. Everything met with my approval. Also at the end of the consultation I mentioned that I was a Christian and was pleased to know that he was too and he said prayer before surgery was in order. Surgery is scheduled for June 19, 2003 at 7:30 in the morning. Must make appointment with my primary care physician Doctor Morton Dubnow for a consultation and pre-surgical testing.

I was very pleased with the meeting. I noticed the bill was $174.00. I never asked how much the procedure was going to be.

Told Del (my boss) and acquired two weeks off beginning the 19th of June, 2003, which will actually be more because of the 4th of July.

My friend and brother in Christ Ron Jenkins called and encouraged me with friendly conversation and positive and humorous interaction. We talked of a coming out party and making a big cake with a large C on it. I asked him if he was in the air (he's a commercial airline captain). He laughed and said no he was taxiing out onto the runway and was about to make an announcement to passengers. Of course he wasn't. He was at home and praying for me and decided to call. I appreciated that and very much enjoyed hearing from him.

One thing I wanted to establish right away was the fact that it was ok to talk about this and not be all uptight and wierded out because I have the big "C". So almost from the get-go I started sort of a humorous routine with close friends and family that more than anything else allowed them the freedom to talk to me in a more relaxed manner, wether or not it concerned my condition.

Went to Briana's Cactus High Choir Banquet tonight. Briana Received many awards. It was a fun evening.

Going to send e-mails tonight to friends and associates asking for their prayers and support.

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