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2006-05-08 This is the longest I have gone without making a journal entry. Much has transpired in the duration and I'm not sure where to begin. Work has been extremely busy and I'm getting more overtime than I have in quite a while.

I bought daughter Candice a car to help her out in her college days at ASU. It's a '97 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder with only 32,000 miles, very nice car. She Loves it!

Emily is participating in a YMCA youth basketball league. I have never played much b-ball with Em, but she really wanted to play. I'm very proud of her and she is doing quite well. I plan to give her more attention in the sport this summer. The only dissapointment at all is her coach is a Lakers fan. Not Good. Ha Ha, Just kidding. I'm a die-hard Sun's fan and they just whipped the Lakers in game 7 of the first round in the Western Conference playoffs.

I have been painting like a mad man. Sometimes it takes its toll on me and I think my family might suffer a bit from it. I'm serious about painting and being serious means doing it! I'm probably not going to try selling serious work on eBay any longer. That's not a viable outlet for serious art. The eBay market seems more suited for amateurs and miniature painters, and those who find a niche and just start producing the same thing over and over. There really seems to be a lack of honesty in most of the work I see on eBay, unless it's by a well established artist and he's dead. Enough said.

I have not done a serious hike since January and I'm really in need. Got a backpack coming up May 19-22 and taking Sarah and Emily with. Should be fun. This is the area on the Sycamore Rim where I saw the bear last year. I haven't told Sarah and Emily that though.

Last weekend Sarah Emily and I did a three day backpack along the Sycamore Rim with others from Arizona including Todd, Tom, Doug, Tommy, Sarah and Michelle. We had a magnificent time. The weather was a little windy at times but made the air temp execellent. On Saturday Todd, Tom, Tommy, Sarah (not my daughter) and myself did a side hike to explore some upper regions of the canyon and try to find some ruins. We found a large mound of burned stone that we figured was part of a ruin. Anyway here are some pics. Of course one is of Emily with another horned toad, bigger than the one pictured with her at Reavis.

2006-06-25 Received the latest test result from Healthwaves Friday: <0.1, so I guess I'm good for another six months. PTL! Will take the results to Dr. Kletcher Thursday.

Walked daughter Julie down the ile Saturday night at my mom's house. She married her highschool sweetheart James. Wonderful service by Pastor Eddy Duncan, great guests, wonderful food and drink. A good time was had by all. Will post pics later.
2006-08-18 I've much to write and so little time. Since last entry here I have had a hard drive die on me and of course some things were lost. You'd think I would learn. Anyway I've done several hikes including Mt. Baldy and West Fork of Oak creek. I'll put up some pics when I can, maybe today. Still haven't received digitals of daughter Julie's wedding, guess I'll have to scan some of the photos if indeed I can even get those from her. School had started for the girls. New folks moved in across the street and we like them a lot. Family is well.

OK here are some pics from recent hikes. Picture credits are Redroxx44, hikngirl, trip4801 and desertdog. The second picture is the debris field left when a B-29 crashed into the side of Mt. Baldy at about 11,000 ft. The other two pictures are at the summit and one close to the summit looking down.

The West Fork pictures are of various locations along the 14 mile route from top to bottom. The picture on the bridge is right at the trailhead. Everly year this hike is different. This is my forth and now there are only four of us left that have done it every year that Arizona has done it. They are: Me, Todd, Tom and Diane. Hopefully I will continue the string. I like this hike and this was the first year that I had absolutely no equipment failure. I used two dry bags inside my day pack. One of the dry bags was filled with styrofoam and the other my survival gear. Food for the hike was kept in double lock zip-locks. Bought a new pair of shoes that worked perfect. I did not get one small pebble inside either shoe during the entire hike, that's amazing. The shoes are Merrell Chameleon II Stretch.

Extremely busy at work.

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