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As promised here are some pics of James and Julia Sanchez at their recent wedding.

All Photography by Briana Kurth


On the 4th, 5th and 6th Emily and I attended Outdoor Education Camp at Prescott Pines. I was a parent team leader of the mighty Roadrunners. The students learned about outdoor survival and actually had to construct a survival campsite on the last day. The teachers who put this on really did their homework and I believe the students got a lot out of it. The food was great and so was the weather. At the thursday evening campfire the teachers presented Emily with a birthday present and led the entire camp in the singing of Happy Birthday to Em. After camp let out on Friday we drove to Jerome and had hamburgers at the Haunted Hamburger. Emily bought some things with some of her birthday money and we got home around dinner time.

Thursday evening Janet, Sarah, Emily and myself attended a Scorpius Dance Theater porduction entitiled A VAMPIRE TALE at the Phoenixe Little Theater. Maggie Cortez is a dancer in the program and invited us to check it out (that's Maggie on the left). I met maggie on a recent hike and during the course of our conversation the topic of dance came up because I was telling her about my daughters beining dancers. Anyway we really enjoyed the show. Janet was a little nervous just before start time due to vampires hanging out in and around the audience just prior to curtain. For some reason or another one particular vampire singeled Janet out and got real close to her. Janet sprung over the seats and out the door. She later came back and enjoyed the entire performance. Afterwords we talked with Maggie and other performers including the one who scared Janet. She was very apologetic and gave Janet a big hug.

2006-10-23 I'm working on a new web site that will eventually have it's own domain name when I decide which host server I want to put it on. Anyway it is a gallery of my recent watercolor work, which has become more than a hobby. I'm hoping it will serve as my retirement one day because I certainly don't have enough money to retire. Feel free to leave a comment. Click Here for New Gallery Preview

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A week ago for the 4th time since I had prostate surgery, I did the Superstition Ridgeline hike. This is a grueling all day ordeal. The Hikers Guide to the Superstition Wilderness says this about it:"This is a very demanding hike that rewards energetic hikers with fine views from the crest of Superstition Mountain. There is no trail, but the hike on the rocky ridge line is very enjoyable. It is easy to find solitude on this trip." I love this hike for just that reason. The combined difficulty and reward from this hike gave me many moments to reflect on life and God. I did the hike with a group from Arizona of course. Tom and I are the only two to have done the hike for the 4th consecutive time since it's inception. The first year was in 2003 only 3 months after my RP. That year I was not very prepared. I became a little dehydrated and learned a lot about what kind of gear to use for such hikes.

Met with some old friends from the art studio I worked in 25 years ago. Made plans to get together in the future and exchanged emails etc., etc., etc. I hadn't seen Shelly for some 15 years and it was nice catching up some. They took some pictures and if they send them to me I'll post a few. Janet looked very pretty so I hope they do send them!

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