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2003-06-27 E-mail sent out to various friends:

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I'm alive and .......well, not quite kicking yet but intend to be kicking soon enough. The Surgery went well. The doctor said it was textbook perfect. I got the 27 staples removed last Thursday and Doctor Kletscher also went over the pathology report from the hospital with me. The cancer did not extend beyond the prostate capsul, however he said there was more cancer inside than he expected and it came right up to .001mm to .002mm of the side. That's close and he says that means more of a risk for cancer left behind. If that is the case and there is some renegade cancer, more than likely radiation will be employed sometime in the future. I'm happy though because there was none present in the seminal vesicles and none present in the lymph nodes. I'll have to be tested for PSA elevation every three months for a year and then every six for a year and then once a year for the rest of my life. He said we got the cancer just in time. PTL!

Blessings, Stan

2003-07-02 I finished the Dr. Patrick Walsh book this morning. It is definitely must reading for any man concerned about prostate health. I think every man should read it, but just as I myself did not take real interest in the details of prostate cancer before diagnosis, I'm sure many men will not. That's too bad, but I for sure encourage ALL men to have their PSA levels evaluated starting at the appropriate age level according to their particular risk.

Here are some responses to the surgery and pathology report that I sent out:


I'm glad to from you! Happy to hear that it was timely and successful. Heading out for Don's leadership class with Jan.

Take care,


Kachina trail was great. Let's hike it in the fall when the aspens are changing.

Dear good to see you tonight and to see what God is doing in you (through you, within in)!!! WOW!!!  

Tonight, after leaving you and Janet, I met up with some folks from our new home group. We've been praying for a friend of theirs who has been battling cancer (not a believer)...his name is Bert. He's been pretty self-sufficient up until now. His life is beginning to cave in on him...not just his cancer, but his grown children, etc.

I told Nick and Stacey that I'd ask you to pray for the Lord lays him on your heart, please pray in the Spirit for him...whatever the Lord leads. They are visiting him weekly and praying for an opportunity to share Christ. He's never been open in the past...just admired their faith. So, he's beginning to show "some" interest. They are feeling led to invite him to CCV.

  Please pray as the LORD leads you...

  Blessings, Joy

  "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" Rom 12:12

Good news. Hope there's no residual cancer cells and no radiation.........hate to see you glowing in the dark and keeping folk awake at night!

John Richardson

Stan, thanks for the update, it was good seeing you at church Saturday. God is good!

C Darleen Stanley

Subject: Re: Pathology



Glad to hear the good news. Also hope and know that you will stay on top of the continuos testing.

We enjoyed visiting with you last Sunday. Christine was very comfortable in your home and commented on how nice it was.

My daughter had a skin "thing" removed a week ago and gets the results back today.

God's best always Greg


I'm so pleased that the cancer was removed before it had spread. I hope you are well enough to hike again soon. Blessings to your family.


Stan, Thanks for the news. No doubt God is watching over you. We look forward to seeing and hiking with you soon!

God Bless, Cristiana & Mike

Dear Stan & Family,  

Hi guys!!!  We are so relieved to hear that the cancer was caught just in time:)  Yes indeed-Praise The Lord!!!

We pray that all is going well with you Stan and we know that God is with you and your family every step of the way. Miss you all very much.

  We would love to hear about what the girls, grandkids and Janet are up to and how work is going for you.

Love, Shelley & Kirk


I got the catheter out last Thursday so it's been two days. As soon as he took it out I'm standing there thinking everything is OK, I'm doing fine holding the urine back. Somehow the conversation had digressed to jokes about viagra and such. I started laughing and WHOOPS, a leak. Fortunately I had already pulled up a sample diaper the doctor had given me. I'm still leaking a little when I do sudden straining movements or cough or talk with stress etc., etc., etc. I'm sure it will come around. I can feel it getting a little better as time passes. I have no problem stopping midstream and holding and then starting again. Whatever the outcome, it certainly beats cancer. I devised a setup using an athletic supporter to hold a pad. Works well. Hopefully I won't be needing it too long. Doctor gave me some free samples of Viagra and I made an appointment for September 30th to have a PSA test.

Celebrated the 4th and son Steve's birthday at my mom's with all my children, grandchildren and my brother's family. It' amazing how many people don't have a clue about the prostate and what it does and doesn't do. Many people thought I would be impotent for the rest of my life and have to have a bladder bag at my side. Think I'll make up a brochure to hand out, or maybe a recording I can play at the right moment in a crowd of inquiring aquaintences.

The night before I got the catheter out Candice banged on my door and rushed in saying the Doctor had come by and dropped off my prostate. She handed me a plastic lid with the inner core of slime and seeds from a cantelope she had been carving. I looked at Janet and everyone started cracking up. So, LOL, I had to take a picture of it. Briana prompted this humerous little prank.

An interesting side note: As I was looking for a birthday card at the grocery store I noticed on the magazine rack the annual "Phoenix Magazine" that rates the the metro area's best doctors. I couldn't resist. I opened it up and went right for the urologists. Sure enough there was Doctor Kletscher listed as one of the top urologists in the Phoenix metropolitan area. That kind of made my day. Kewl!

By the way I didn't get the graphics posistion with CCV so I think God was just allowing that in my life to keep me off of prostate cancer and surgery and such.

2003-07-06 Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, although I feel up to it. Over the 4th I had called Dan to tell him that I did not get the position with my church. Anyway he thought he'd be all cool giving me a heads up that Del was livid about certain unhappiness amongst employees including myself. What's the first clue? I haven't had a raise of any kind in the last four and a half years. I'm now paying $450 a month to cover my family's health Insurance. I was taken off of salary and placed on hourly at a lesser amount based on total for a year and forty hours a week. He took away the 3% matching individual retirement account. He said everyone was robbing it. To me it was sort of a cost of living thing. I had to take out of it just to live the way I did two years ago. I'm living under paycheck to paycheck. Now that there is nothing left I'm even further under. I'm not able to pay all my bills and they are begining to stack up. Am I happy about all of this? Would you be? Even if it is a much better place to work than most, it still hurts to have what you thought you earned taken away no matter what you are told. It just hurts. So be it.

I'm just going to do the best job I can do and not complain about a thing. Also not going to confide in any of the employees there. If they want my input on matters of importance I will gladly discuss, but no more complaining about how bad work is.

One thing I've learned thus far in my battle with cancer. There are definitely things more important in life than dealing with job stress. I want to keep that to a mimimum the rest of my life. I'm not beating myself up anymore.


Finished the first week back at work. Not bad, I did fine and I had a very good talk with Del about work related matters.

Went to a party at Chris Miller's house last night in the Evergreen historic area of Mesa. I loved the Neighborhood and his house and yard. The party was in honor of good friend Dana Ball who is leaving EFM Group to be self employed. Dana has been very encouraging to me in this time of trial and for the last nine years for that matter. Dana's dad died from prostate cancer and so did my dad. I gave Dana some advice about not letting his Doctor tell him he only needs to check the PSA every three years. Also at the party was Pat, the guy who came in to do some of my work load while I was gone. He introduced me to his wife Linda who is a cancer survivor. She had a lumpectomy three years ago and no sign of cancer since. We had a good conversation. I find it interesting how God seems to put all of these things in place. Now I'll be able to relate Linda's story to Kathy across the street, who also had a lumpectomy and is now going through chemo.

This morning I went to see my basketball buddies at Moon Valley Park. I've been playing there with numerous guys for the last ten years. I haven't spoken with any of them since the cancer thing came down and I felt compeled to go see them and let them know what was up with me. If they had played a half court game I might have tried playing. It was good to see them and I will probably start playing again in a couple of weeks. I love basketball!

I'm going to try my first hike since the sugery tomorrow. Will probably do the H2 trail at Thunderbird Park. It's a little over three miles and an altitude gain of about 500 ft.

The incontenence issue is improving. I'm just using a pad and not very much is leaking and not when I sneeze or cough. Just seems to happen now when I'm full and make certain sitting adjustments or certain straining or loud verbalizations. I'm confident that it will clear up all together.

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