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2003-07-18 This is the end of the second week back to work and I'm doing well. Tuesday was a particularly hard day for some reason or another. I think it was lack of sleep. I went to the aiport the night before to pick up Candice on her return from California. Briana went with me. We sat facing the escalator where the passengers descend from the gate level. I picked Candice out. She was wearing a new hat that she bought at Newport Beach. We hugged a bunch and had a good talk on the way home, but I got to bed late. Wednesday was an excellent day. Felt terrific all day. Janet hired a new designer today to replace Dana. Her name is Alison and she is a recent graduate of Northern Arizona University; it is my alma mater as well.
2003-07-24 Today was Sarah's birthday, so we had a little party for her. The real party is Saturday at Water World. I'm looking forward to going on the slides and especially the Killamanjaro. Should be a good time for all.

Bad news today was the doctors told Dawn that little Daniel has little time left with the brain tumor continuing to grow. They said it could be two weeks to two months. I feel so bad for him.

Tomorrow will be the end of my third week back to work and I must admit I sure wish I didn't have to work. Even though my two and a half weeks off was to recoup from major surgery, I enjoyed being able to read and work on several internet projects that I'm doing, including one that will reveal this journal online. I'd like to have a job that I could work at home. Maybe I'll work on that. The other internet project is a men's ministry that has been kind of a vision for a few years. It's going to be a Christian men's forum. I'm taking my time with the details and will be getting feedback soon from some close friends. I've already obtained the domain name and set up some of the site. I'm working on guidelines and categories. The site will be linked to this one when both are ready. [I abandoned the forum but may add one sometime in the future. I still believe that God wants me to help men that have been diagnosed with prostate cancer; so this journal and the "" site are for now the base of operations for that ministry.]


Had the big birthday party for Sarah at Waterworld today. We had an excellent time and I went down the steep side of the Kilimanjaro four times. In my opinion that is the only slide that really kicks ass (literally). At the party were Me, Janet, Briana, Candice, Derek, Sarah, Emma, Sierra, Emily, Moria and Andrea.

I did not play basketball this morning because I was too tired after staying up pretty late trying to figure out how to connect my html/php index page to the journal database, which I did not have any trouble at all importing. I don't think I have the path right; maybe because the journal site is a subdomain.

I do think I will take a hike tomorrow early AM. I've decided to quit the hiking ministry at the church because I find myself in situations where I'm alone with women other than my wife. Best thing to do is take myself out of that situation. I think my pastor would concur.

Leaking a drop or two a few times a day. Seems to be getting better.

Last night just Janet and I went and saw the movie Pirates of the Carribean. This is my kind of movie. I rate it very high and I thought Johnny Depp was superb. There were plenty of special effects, action and a plot that involved a curse and pirate's treasure. There were just enough dark-fantasy hilites and a good versus evil theme that kept you wondering how the whole thing would wrap up. And of course in the end good wins and Captain Jack sails off at the helm of the Black Pearl once again.

For the last three days I've been relatively drip free. I've not worn a pad and have not had any serious leaks.

Going on an excursion with Todd and others to Sycamore Canyon area Saturday. Trip will include a lengthy four wheel drive session, a short hike to some ruins, lunch, a swim in the Verde River and then dinner at Rock Springs Cafe on the way home. Janet doesn't feel up to going.


Yesterday I did the four wheel drive trip to the Sycamore Canyon area. It was a long and strenuous day. John picked me up about 7:45 AM and I got home just a little before midnight. We got a late start from the meeting point because someone new to the Phoenix went to the wrong place. She got there and we had to wait on another late show who managed to get off work at the last minute. When we finally left the parking lot in north Phoenix it was already after nine. We arrived in Jerome and did a little sight seeing and some of the group did some shopping in the various shops there. We headed west from Jerome toward the Sycamore Canyon area. We stopped and ate lunch along the Verde River, then headed out toward the trailhead. The first part of this stretch was not to bad; just a little washboard and occaisional rocks to negotiate. But the final stretch of road to the area was herendous. I was bouncing and twisting and jerking all over the front of the jeep. I had to release my seat belt and shoulder harness because the combination of seatbelt and jerking around was irritating the incission area of the recent surgery. After undoing the seatbelt the ride became a matter of holding on to the handle over the glovebox on the dashoard. We stopped and looked at an old structure that showed evidence of vandalism. Finally we came to the trailhead. The hike was a rather short trek up to the lip of the canyon and then down into the canyon a little. The ruins were magnificant. I enjoyed thinking about what life might have been like living there in that area. By the time we left the sun was almost down and we had a long way to go. We had dinner at a pizza joint in Cottonwood. We had planned to dine at Rock Springs in Black Canyon City, But there was no way we would have gotten there in time. Had a great time and not too sore today. Only a couple leaks the entire time.

This from Randy:

Great to see those shots of you at Sycamore!!!

Praise God you are up and hiking again! Will continue to pray that all goes well in your post-op treatments and that He continues to hold you and yours lovingly in His hands. May you all be richly blessed! Seeing those shots was a blessing to us all. -Randy

Janet took Candice to the Hospital. She has had a bad sore throat and today when we got back from church she was in severe pain. They're not back yet.

They're back. Candice has strep.

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