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Went to the Diamondbacks game on August 5th with small group and about 4,000 from Christ's Church of the Valley. We all had blue T-shirts that came with the tickets. It was a nice outreach. Randy Johnson got the win, but had some trouble in the sixth. I took Sarah, Emily, Emma and Taylor.

Went up to the Made in the Shade Beer Festival at the Coconino County Fairgrounds. Left Friday evening with Janet about 5:30 and met Todd, Linda, John, Jaimie, Kent, Mike and Christiana at the Fort Tuthill Campgrounds. We put up our tent so we wouldn't have to do it in the dark and then we all went in to Flagstaff to Stromboli's for Dinner. Afterwords we went back to camp and visisted awhile, while the neighbors made a lot of noise and used a lot of fowl language. I think they were drinking whiskey. Todd and I stayed up untill about 1:00 AM. Got up about 6:30 AM. Todd and Kent made breakfast for all. Linda and Jaimie did the dishes. All of the group did a short hike called the Soldier trail; about a five mile loop around the campgrounds. Myself, Janet, Mike and Christiana shortened the hike and headed into camp. Janet and I went into Flagstaff and called home to tell Briana we were going to stay another night. We got some coffee from Starbucks and headed back to camp to go to the Beer Festival. We don't drink so we were planning to go in with Non-drinking passes. For being Designated Drivers we got free shirts and all the free non-alchoholic drinks we wanted. Did not care much for the festival, but I took some pictures and listened to the blues band. They were good; Honey Boy Dupree and the Smokehouse Players. I wanted to get their CD but I'm poor. Had a couple sliders that were very good. Got tired of standing around watching a bunch of people get drunk, so we went back to camp and on the way back decided that we wanted to go on home that evening. I told Todd of our plans and we broke camp and came back home. We had a good time with our friends and that was good enough for us.

2003-08-17 Went to Fuddruckers after church for lunch, then Briana and I went and looked at computers for her. Think I'm going to get her an I-Book. Went to Sam's Club for some groceries and pet food. I was amazed at how few gas stations had gas and how long the lines were to get it. Seems like a broken pipeline has created a shortage. I hope it is over soon.

Haven't worn a pad since last mentioned and have had minimal problems. Occaisionally I forget that I only have one valve now.

2003-08-22 Went over to Arizona State University Campus to visit and have lunch with Briana today. She showed me her room and told me about her new roommate Whitney, who sounds like a real nice person. We had lunch at Kyoto Bowl. She's a little less than ten minutes away from the studio where I work. I'm sure we'll have lots of lunches together and will probably bring her home occaisionally.

She called tonight and seemed a little lonely. I told her to hang in there; that after classes started she wouldn't have a lot of time to be lonely.

2003-08-23 Hiked with Todd and Jared today. We did Todd's modified Piestuwah Peak Circumference trail, which is about 8 miles of up and down, thigh burning challenge. I know one thing for sure. I'm more out of shape than I thought I was. I've done this hike before and even in July and it has never been a problem. Today it was not easy. Todd and Jared kicked my butt. Next Saturday I think I'll give basketball a shot. Not certain yet. It was the uphill grinds of respiratory that got to me today. I'll have to be in better shape if I'm going to do the West Fork Trail from the top with Arizona Hikers on the 20th of September. That's going to be a blast. We're going to have to get wet as several passages along the trail are in the creek.

Sarah and Emily were busy today blowing plastic bubbles and joining them together to make bubble cattapillars. They were having a great time.

I did some yard work for two hours this afternoon so I am quite tired right now. Good Night!

2003-08-31 Played basketball yesterday for the first time since back in March. Played four games full court to 11. I am really sore today. I've got to keep in shape and one of the best all around exercises in my opinion is basketball. I seem to have forgotten how many different muscle groups are effected by this sport. I got the reminder when I got out of bed this morning. I think I played well considering the length of the layoff.I also did some more yard work and made a trip to the dump with some bags of grass and branches off the mesquite trees.

Last night Janet and I went to see the son of a long time aquaintence of ours get married. The wedding and reception took place at the Satisfied Frog out in Cave Creek. It was a very nice ceremony, dinner and reception. We got to see some friends we hadn't seen in some time. I was surprised to find out that some of them knew I was battling cancer. I think Janet had mentioned to the grooms mother some time ago that I had prostate cancer. Her husband passed away from liver cancer a couple of years ago.

I picked Briana up Friday and brought her home so she is with us for the Labor Day Holiday. I think all of her financial aid is in order now. It's been kind of hard on her having to be in a new invronment and not having her financial aid, no meal ticket, no living expenses, no books, etc., etc., etc.

One of my goals this weekend is to get this journal online. Hopefully that will happen if I can export this database and then connect to it with the index.php page that runs it. We'll see.

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