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Briana presented me with a Tofu cookbook today titled "The Tofu Cookbook" by Leah Leneman. Soy curd has been a staple in the orient for centuries. Men don't get prostate cancer there; at least life threatening types. It never gets to the clinical stage that it does over here in the West; home of the fat way of eating.

2003-06-02 Back has been hurting for last couple of weeks. Funny how every little ache and pain I relate to cancer. OF course my knee hurts too. Age maybe? Wish this surgery was over already.

2003-06-04 Nothing new of late, just seem to be too busy to turn around. Not getting enough sleep. Working on resume to submit to church for a graphics position.

Starting to get a little anxious to have this procedure finished and on the road to recovery. I'll be fine, just getting a little tired. I think the time off from work will be good.

2003-06-07 Really been puting a lot of time into a resume, cover letter and porfolio for the graphics/web designer position at CCV. What a change of pace from the two hours of intense driving I put in everyday. Of course the work environment would be nice too. All these activities I do tend to make me forget I have cancer. Still reading the Walsh book and enjoying it a lot.

Doing pretty good with the diet.

Kathy across the street has breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. The biopsy revealed cancer in the lymph nodes. I can definitelly relate to her feelings about all of the stages and steps of waiting for results and treatments and such.

2003-06-08 More Encouragement

Hey Stan, Just wanted you to know Steve and I are praying for you.  Hope everything is going smooth.  God is in control-and he loves you!!!!  Please keep us posted.  Vivian and Steve


Sorry I missed saying bye to you the other night at Steve and Vivian's.

Wanted you to know that I am petitioning God on your behind...oh I meant behalf.

We serve an awesome God who loves us more than we can understand.  All of our days were known to Him before a single one passed.  He knows the outcome of every event and will never leave us or forsake us...not even in rush hour traffic in the summer in Phoenix, when the AC is broke and the car is about to overheat with the kids screaming at each other in the backseat, or prostrate surgery...take your pick.

We Love You Man. Ron

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